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Pair Sassafras Pepper & Salt Grinders

Pair Sassafras Pepper & Salt Grinders


Handcrafted pair of Sassafras Pepper & Salt Grinders.


7 Inch Dimensions


Height - 20.5cm x Diameter 6.0cm

Weight - 0.5kg


10 Inch Dimensions

Height - 28cm x Diameter 6.8cm
Weight - 0.7kg

  • Details

    Hand crafted by one of Tasmania's leading wood turners these grinders will keep on going for over 10 years with superior Danish Mechanisms.

    Each grinder is made from the finest wood in Tasmania sourced from sawmills around the state.

    We offer a 24 month warranty on all our products for any problems with workmanship or parts in the product.

  • Important

    Please note colour and grain vary between grinders, we do our best to match grinder pairs by colour and grain. If you would like a photo of grinders before purchase please contact us.

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